STEAM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics. In the education we provide, Sampoerna Academy puts a strong emphasis on these five perspectives. As a student-centered school, we encourage students to ask thoughtful questions, discover answers, apply what they learn, and solve real-world problems through our STEAM-based learning approaches. Our unique approaches empower them to become mature and confident global citizens with a strong sense of purpose.

The STEAM Inter-School Competition 2023 is Sampoerna Academy’s very first STEAM competition that is open to public. With the theme “Build, Create, and Innovate”, the competition is divided into two rounds: the preliminary round and the final round. The final round will be held on Saturday, 18 March 2023.

Through this fun yet meaningful competition, we hope to raise awareness on STEAM education as well as highlight its benefits and implementations. We look forward to your participation in the competition!


1. The competition is for all students in Grades 5-12.

2. Both individuals and groups with a maximum of 5 members can join the competition.

3. The participants must choose and register their STEAM project under one of two categories: Innovation or Experiment/Research.

4. The competition is divided into two rounds: the preliminary round and final round.

5. In the preliminary round, 10 best projects per category will be selected for the final round. In this round, participants must submit the materials required.


a. Project Video
• Maximum length: 5 minutes
• Video languages: English or Bahasa Indonesia
• Video content: project title, materials, step-by-step procedures, & product/conclusion
• Editing program to use: Vimeo Create, Shotcut, iMovie, Vita, etc.

b. Video Submission
• The project video must be uploaded to any of the participants’ social media platforms, such as YouTube. Sampoerna Academy must be tagged or mentioned. Participants must use the hashtag #SASTEAM2023.

c. Powerpoint presentation [click here to download template]
• Content

1. Project title
2. The aim or driving question of the STEAM project.
3. Materials and methods/procedure
4. Output (products or results) and conclusion
5. A photo gallery of 5-7 photos (at least 300 pixels) showing the materials, step-by-step procedures, and output & conclusion.
6. submit your presentation to here

6. The selected finalists will be notified and asked to display their STEAM projects in the final round. The final exhibition will be held at Sampoerna Academy. Each project will be assessed by judges according to the competition criteria.

7. The 3 best STEAM projects will be chosen per category and win the prizes.




Who can join the competition?

All students in grades 5-12


Is the competition for individuals or groups?

Both individuals and groups with a maximum of 5 members


How many steam project entries can a school submit/register?

Maximum of 5 projects of each of the following categories:

SD : Grade 5 & 6 

SMP : Grade 7 – 9

SMA : Grade 10 – 12


When can the projects be submitted?

15 February – 4 March 2023

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